Friday, June 4, 2010

Dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen...

Oh my goodness. 
Prom is supposed to be the biggest deal ever, yes? Prom always seemed like the pinnacle of beauty and youth for us small-town folk-- obviously the city slickers were too busy clubbing or whatever, but way out yonder in Provo, prom is the only time we change out of our hog-wranglin' cutoff shorts, remove our cowboy hats, and take a bath. 
The Walden School, however, is a little bit less traditional. Indeed, this year was the first official Walden prom. It was a benefit event for Darfur, and I was in charge of it. To be honest with you, I didn't expect much for myself. I thought I would go stag and wear a preexisting LBD. 
I mean, I also had an ideal fantasy type of a thing. It involved wearing this: 

And taking him: 
Dreamboat! I'm obsessed, a little bit. Oh Simon

So rather than digging through my laundry for a dress or wearing Bjork's infamous swan, a lovely dress fell into my lap, via a coworker of my friend's mom. If that makes sense. It's hot pink and Drag Queen/mermaid/whatever, and a little bit outrageous. I will warn you, it is not the most tasteful garment I have ever worn. 
You wanna see her? Of course you do. 


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  1. bing, you're so lovely!

    also, drag queen/mermaid/awesome.