Wednesday, September 22, 2010

why so lazy?

My plans and expectations for my sophomore year of high school haven't exactly been put into action or met. Not academically, extracurricular-ly (I know it's not a word) and especially not style-ly (also not a word, but who has the time to think of real ones?). Sure, I've worn a few dresses here and there, and my new boots have gotten a tad broken in. But the problem with Seattle (one of many) is the awkward time between summer and fall. In the mornings, it will be 50 degrees and misty, but by 2:00 it's 70 degrees and sunny. So how does one dress for such occasions? Well, the most common way for girls my age is like this:

Something from UW, moccasins/flip-flops/sneakers, and lululemons. Haven't heard of lululemon? Here's a definition:
a popular yoga and exercise brand of clothing. mostly for yoga and dance and running, but also just worn for fashion. extremely comfy and modified fabrics are used, like LUON for wicking properties and staying dry.
And here's a less professional, yet more truthful definition:
Vancouver-based maker of the tightest pants on the face of the planet. Possibly has something to do with yoga. Definitely has something to do with very attractive girls with nice butts. These pants will ruin your concentration. The logo at the back is hypnotic(both from urbandictionary).

The most popular style is the groove pant, which costs, no joke, $98. Seriously. Now, you know my shopping rule: it's gotta be under $30, or it's not going in my cart. So I would never buy a pair of lululemons. But here's the thing: they are extremely comfortable. At least, the Champion
brand ones I bought at Costco are.

I love Costco.

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