Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am probably a tiny bit obsessed right now.

With ModCloth and with these shoes: 

GLORIOUS! To make things better, do you know what they are called? Unicorn Princess Heels! I am totally giggling like a schoolgirl right now. Like a schoolgirl riding a unicorn. Here's the problem: they cost like a hundy. I am actually seriously considering buying them, because... well, because I want them. Very, very much. I might see if my parents take the hint and get me these instead of any other things for my birthday/graduation... but who wants to wait that long? For the phone to ring? Not me. 
I've never made such a big purchase on something so frivolous. Also, I feel like this kind of contradicts the post directly previous. I am almost nervous about trying to decide whether I like Doc Martens more than Unicorn Princess shoes. Also, that much responsibility? Over such a beautiful pair of objects? I don't know if I could handle that. 

Friday, February 19, 2010

Rock your Docs

I would like to take this opportunity to pay homage to my magical and entirely fabulous Doc Martens. The great  Jenni Larsen took this pic at a mysterious location that I may or may not be allowed to talk about. Let me talk to you about their origin story: 
One day, my dad brought a pair of big, heavy, masculine boots home from a garage sale, said he got 'em for less than a dollar. To be perfectly honest with you, I was not immediately enamored. They sat in the back of my closet. But then I got old, and I figured out what was up. Here was my revelation: Docs are where. it's. at. Since I started wearing them, they have been nearly addictive-- no matter what, they bring a sense of irony or hardcoreness to an outfit, and I always feel like a total hot feminist in them. Indeed, sometimes I like to pull them on on weekends and go around kicking misogynists in the face. 
Just kidding. 
 I do contemplate that sometimes, though. 
(Caitlin Doerflein told me once that pulling them on is my "Signature move" *grins*)
I love stomping through snow and mud, pretending to be tough, and kickin' stuff... gently. 
Oh, allow me to address the right shoelace: once upon a time, I had a long hippie skirt with a drawstring. I lent it to a friend in Turkey, but the drawstring came out and the skirt was out of commission for a while. I started wearing said drawstring around my wrist, and decided to try using a shoelace instead. This left the issue of a shoelace for the boot. I took the drawstring from a shirt that certainly didn't need one, and strung her on in. Recently, on an excursion to the previously mentioned mysterious location, I accidentally broke off a portion of my right shoelace and just left it there on the ground. You know, for nostalgia or whatever.
Here's the other thing. If a lady is wearing Doc Martens, there is no doubt that she is an Awesome Lady. It's like a secret sign, like those Jesus fishes. Hot feminist extraordinaire  Kanintron Pietraskiewicz, for example, and the beautiful fairy princess Tess Bybee. And, OF COURSE, my dear coblogger Amelia Campbell

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

blah blah blah

Has it been a long time?
Why yes, yes it has! About a month. Hooooo boy.
I think we might have to accept the fact that neither of us are good at updating this blog (I'm talking to you, Bing), and that we will never make it in the blog industry. But I'm going to keep updating anyway, whenever it strikes my fancy. Like today.

I've really been feeling the style of the '90s lately. Well, if the character's clothes on Arthur reflect the actual style of the times. Which, when you think about it, is kind of unlikely. Because it is a children's show. An ANIMATED children's show. But anyhow.

The thing about Arthur is that the characters really only have one outfit they wear on every episode. So, rather than saying my favorite person's style, I'm saying my favorite OUTFIT on Arthur is Francine's older sister, Catherine's:

I'm really digging this vest/sweatshirt situation. And also the legwarmers/high tops situation.
ps, it was really hard to get this screen shot. I actually had to watch almost an entire episode of Arthur on YouTube. I know, how awful.

I also like Sue Ellen's style:

What's with the vests and high tops? I guess it WAS the '90s. But anyway, the whole thing is kind of tomboy-chic, much as I hate using that category. The t-shirt dress, with the vest, and the scrunched socks and sneakers. I aspire to have those curly pigtails, too.

I need to own these things. I also need to be better about posting? Or maybe I should just watch more Arthur. You know, for research.