Friday, February 19, 2010

Rock your Docs

I would like to take this opportunity to pay homage to my magical and entirely fabulous Doc Martens. The great  Jenni Larsen took this pic at a mysterious location that I may or may not be allowed to talk about. Let me talk to you about their origin story: 
One day, my dad brought a pair of big, heavy, masculine boots home from a garage sale, said he got 'em for less than a dollar. To be perfectly honest with you, I was not immediately enamored. They sat in the back of my closet. But then I got old, and I figured out what was up. Here was my revelation: Docs are where. it's. at. Since I started wearing them, they have been nearly addictive-- no matter what, they bring a sense of irony or hardcoreness to an outfit, and I always feel like a total hot feminist in them. Indeed, sometimes I like to pull them on on weekends and go around kicking misogynists in the face. 
Just kidding. 
 I do contemplate that sometimes, though. 
(Caitlin Doerflein told me once that pulling them on is my "Signature move" *grins*)
I love stomping through snow and mud, pretending to be tough, and kickin' stuff... gently. 
Oh, allow me to address the right shoelace: once upon a time, I had a long hippie skirt with a drawstring. I lent it to a friend in Turkey, but the drawstring came out and the skirt was out of commission for a while. I started wearing said drawstring around my wrist, and decided to try using a shoelace instead. This left the issue of a shoelace for the boot. I took the drawstring from a shirt that certainly didn't need one, and strung her on in. Recently, on an excursion to the previously mentioned mysterious location, I accidentally broke off a portion of my right shoelace and just left it there on the ground. You know, for nostalgia or whatever.
Here's the other thing. If a lady is wearing Doc Martens, there is no doubt that she is an Awesome Lady. It's like a secret sign, like those Jesus fishes. Hot feminist extraordinaire  Kanintron Pietraskiewicz, for example, and the beautiful fairy princess Tess Bybee. And, OF COURSE, my dear coblogger Amelia Campbell

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