Wednesday, February 17, 2010

blah blah blah

Has it been a long time?
Why yes, yes it has! About a month. Hooooo boy.
I think we might have to accept the fact that neither of us are good at updating this blog (I'm talking to you, Bing), and that we will never make it in the blog industry. But I'm going to keep updating anyway, whenever it strikes my fancy. Like today.

I've really been feeling the style of the '90s lately. Well, if the character's clothes on Arthur reflect the actual style of the times. Which, when you think about it, is kind of unlikely. Because it is a children's show. An ANIMATED children's show. But anyhow.

The thing about Arthur is that the characters really only have one outfit they wear on every episode. So, rather than saying my favorite person's style, I'm saying my favorite OUTFIT on Arthur is Francine's older sister, Catherine's:

I'm really digging this vest/sweatshirt situation. And also the legwarmers/high tops situation.
ps, it was really hard to get this screen shot. I actually had to watch almost an entire episode of Arthur on YouTube. I know, how awful.

I also like Sue Ellen's style:

What's with the vests and high tops? I guess it WAS the '90s. But anyway, the whole thing is kind of tomboy-chic, much as I hate using that category. The t-shirt dress, with the vest, and the scrunched socks and sneakers. I aspire to have those curly pigtails, too.

I need to own these things. I also need to be better about posting? Or maybe I should just watch more Arthur. You know, for research.

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  1. Yeah, for research.
    I will update IMMEJUT. I love your eenspiration.