Saturday, January 2, 2010


Today I met up with some friends and went to the mall. The mall I speak of is Northgate Mall, which was the first mall ever to be built in the US. It's pretty small and kind of out-dated.

It's also across the street from Target. If I were the sort of person that used emoticons, there would be a :D after that statement. Oh Target, love of my life.
We made stops at Forever 21, the BP section of Nordstrom, and Target, along with some other stores selling perfume and the like. You know how girls are. Despite the fact that we spent FOUR HOURS shopping, I bought nothing. I am currently broke, so I was only window shopping. But I did try on some rather nice things that I wouldn't mind owning. Too bad Christmas is over...
Anyway, so I'll get the negative part of this post out of the way. I have a PROBLEM with Forever 21. Yeah, they have lots of clothes, and some are even cute, but
a)practically everything is made in some impoverished country (that's an issue I'll talk about on some other post someday), and
b)there's just too much STUFF. It's overwhelming. Kind of like H&M, but different. I think it's because it's so bright in F21. You walk inside the door, and you think "eeek! there's so much stuff!" but then slowly you realize that it's not all cute. So while I did try on a few pieces at F21, there was nothing that I really liked.

Moving on to positivity!

At BP I DID find something I liked quite a bit, but...I'm broke. So never mind. Here's a picture from the website:

I REALLY REALLY REALLY liked this skirt, because I could totally see myself wearing it with a slouchy white t-shirt and a cardigan, and possibly some boots. Frye boots? Because I saw those too. Sooooooooooo booooooootiful, but they will never be mine, due to the hefty $197.95 price tag of the Engineer 12R that my lucky sister has. SIIIIGH.
(Mimi Chica Chambray Skirt from

Anyway, so on to Target, where I was much more successful. I mostly tried on tops, which might seem weird. But it's easier to take off your shirt than to take off your pants, right? Am I right? YEAH.

I finally got to try on the Rodarte for Target dress EVERYONE is blogging about. Okay, exaggeration, but it was in Lucky and maybe Seventeen, I don't remember. But I'm sure people are blogging about it because it's so frickin' CUTE.

I tried it on in the wrong size though, so it was really saggy and somewhat depressing. They were all sold out of any other sizes and actually most of the collection. I wanted the blue swiss dot dress SO BAD but it was nowhere to be found.
Tearing up. I'm a little verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves.
Moving on.


LOVE! I wish the model hadn't buttoned it up all the way, though. It looks better with the top few buttons left undone
Perfect with a pair of jeans or maybe some leggings or dark pants? And also tucked into a skirt. Oh, what could have been...
I suppose it wasn't the most successful trip after all. Next time I go, I think I shall take a camera so I can SHOW how it looks.
Expect some sort of "what i wore" post in the next couple days because I thought up a really good outfit last night in bed.

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  1. There was a thing about that line in Teen Vogue.