Friday, July 24, 2009


I love dresses as much as Ingrid does. Heck, I own about thirteen of them. The only thing I wore for the majority of the school year was dresses. But now, during the summer, here's what I'm finding: I might like skirts more. The thing about skirts is that they're just so much more versatile. With dresses, you can layer, but there's only so much you can do. With skirts, you can add tights or leggings, wear them with any combination of shirts and cardigans, you can just wear them with a basic tank top, or you could dress it up and wear heels and a pretty shirt. Plus, dresses always make me feel kind of girly. Not that I have a problem with that, but I like to feel a little bit more tomboyish during the summer, so I can run around and not feel too dressed up.

We all have our own "go-to" outfit, and mine has morphed into something completely different than it was ten months ago. Then, my staple pieces were tights, a dress, and converse. The dress could be anything, but generally it was something flowy with a defined waist. However, as of late, the outfit I reach for when I'm in need of something comfortable yet stylish is a light-weight cardigan (white or black), a solid but bright tank top or t-shirt, and a colorfully patterned skirt. It's pretty but casual, stylish but comfy. I do not disrespect the dress, but I love love LOVE the skirt.

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