Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This is Ingrid, also known as Ingy, aka Bingy. I am the other half, the one to finish Mimi's duet.
And let me tell you something about Utah:
It is warm. What does one do when it is far too hot to think or move? My answer has been a series of sundresses from various thrift stores (such as the Deseret Industries, Savers, and CTR, may it rest in peace), sisters, and cousins. I can't really even muster the strength to bother with undergarments, which makes me very thankful for the hippie movement, for burning a bra myself would make things even hotter (oh wait. That's not possible). In any case, thank heavens they did it for me.
But this heat also makes me thankful for another thing, which is the dress. In my opinion, this is the most glorious garment a person can wear, and I am eternally grateful for being born a woman, for I cannot imagine anything more detestable than wearing pants my entire life.
My recent discovery has been daddyos.com. My loving parents gave me a $100 gift certificate there, and I am facing the great decision of which dress to buy. Everything there seems to belong to a different decade, almost to the point of looking like a costume in some cases (which, to be clear, is absolutely no problem). The models are all real people and the clothes all look like they belong to a pinup. Such anachronistic wear is kind of my passion... but what to choose?

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