Saturday, December 12, 2009

roll up your sleeves's been another long period of time since my last blog post. And really, I tried to post, but I couldn't think of anything interesting until now.

I don't like long sleeves. It's weird, I know, but whenever i wear something with wrist-length sleeves I always have the overwhelming desire to push them up. And so I do--sometimes I even plan my outfit around pushed-up sleeves. To me, scrunched up sleeves look kind of masculine and tough, and when pairing a denim jacket with the sleeves pushed up with, say, a skirt, it makes me feel less DAINTY and more EDGY. Examples:

Simple. I like the black dress with the sunset blazer and the gold belt.
(from fashionation)

Actually, these outfits are kinda similar. But whatevs. The mustard color of this blazer is just lovely, plus I like her hair.
(from Face Hunter)
Even though Seattle is not extremely cold in winter, we've been going through a cold snap this week (is "going through" the correct verb?). Temperatures have been hovering between 15 and 30 degrees. To deal, I've been wearing leggings under EVERYTHING. Even tights. However, I've still been pushing up my sleeves on sweatshirts and coats and sweaters and EVERYTHING. I think I should start doing "what I wore" posts, because I'm sure my personal style isn't really coming across here. I'll get around to it. Meanwhile, I have to push up my sleeves (ha ha) and get some homework done.

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  1. Me too!!!
    I thought I was alone-- I think I hate long sleeves mainly because of my bracelets, also I think it looks less awkward.