Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Hills are Alive

My favorite movie in the whole world is the Sound of Music. It is so freaking good. Also, it's got some really fabulous clothing, such as: 

This dress is probably my favorite thing in the whole movie-- it's hard to convey in an image, but it moves so beautifully. And this dude's suit? Adorable! 

The Baroness may be a super-biotch, but she certainly knows how to dress herself.

I've already mentioned my weakness for Lederhosen, yes? And I love a good Drindl.

Clothing made of drapes? Divine! 

I always secretly wanted to be a nun. Wearing a habit would probably get itchy and hot and unbearable, but for the first 10-11 seconds it might be fun.

Oh, Captain von Trapp. He is a complete and total dish, am I right? I love those lapels.

"I'm sure you'll make a very fine nun."-- do you think Carrie Bradshaw drew some inspiration from this beautiful golden ball gown? I hope so. 

I love all of the Austrian flavor going on in the movie, all of the sassy Z-snap moments ("You flatter me, sir." "Oh how clumsy of me-- I meant to accuse you!"), the Alps and Julie's voice. 


  1. i wrote a very long and thoughtful comment that included links and the damn computer just deleted the whole thing and now i'm too fired up to re-type it. but i will. sometime.

  2. Yes, it's my all-time favorite too. Christopher Plummer is an absolute dish, and I'm currently working through some of his other, more recent movies.

  3. the baroness' "you'll make a very fine nun" dress is the best z-snap dress EVER.

    oh, snap. will i ever in my life get to wear a dress w/ a ginorm bow on one shoulder in sheer chiffon?