Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Benjamin Blümchen.

So, I was sitting in my dining room today. My family had gone for a picnic in the mountains and I was staying home with my little brother (who was sleeping when they left) and working on these painfully boring driver's ed videos (because I WILL have a license before I turn eighteen! I promise!) I was sitting, "watching" these videos and gazing out the window at our lovely and unkempt flower garden. Why is it that flowers are so lovely? And, indeed, why are florals so captivating? I love how versatile they are-- that is, they can be used as a shout-out to so many different cultural movements, and can be delivered with either delicious irony or complete sincerity, all depending on the level on which the accessories juxtapose. Every time they seem like they're outdated, some brilliant mind comes up with something like this, at all is saved.

(Did I mention that I'm obsessed with Doc Martens? Yes? OK good.) 

Polka-dots, plaids, stripes may come and go, but something about florals just keeps us coming back to reinvent, ever enchanted by their feminine magic
Oh, Dior... 

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