Saturday, August 14, 2010


oh, back-to-school shopping. ss there anything as simultaneously fun and hideous? i think not.
here are some things on my list:
-a pair of flat, mid-calf, faux-leather boots (leather because suede does not hold up in Seattle, and faux because leather is quite expensive).
i'm liking these:

blowfish "hanku" in dark brown

-a few pairs of dark-wash not-really-skinny skinny jeans, because they're versatile and alright, i admit it, i don't always feel in the mood for a dress/skirt. there, i said it).

delia's "taylor" super-skinny low-rise jean in NYC tint
here's the thing. i know they're called "super-skinny low-rise", but i've had delia's (plural? possessive? i don't know, again) jeans before and their skinny style is more like a boot-cut, so i'm taking a chance. i don't really like the whole skin-tight look, and i think in person these will look different. i hope, anyway.
also, does anyone else find this model's legs disturbingly skeletal and unappealing? just saying.

-some basic, jersey or cotton shirtdresses (is that one word, or two? is it hyphenated? oh well).

left: modcloth's "simply stylish" dress. right: old navy's "raw-hem jersey dress" in first kiss.
'nough said.

-plain, pull-over hoodies (boy i'm using a lot of hyphens).

jerzees quarter-zip style in forest
yeah, i know it's a man. it's unisex. whatever. i just want to wear these sweatshirts with skirts, tights, boots, and maybe a peacoat like this thing that was in Lucky (i tried to find it online but i couldn't).
as you might imagine, all of these things together would be quite expensive. but here's my back-to-school (or college, or shopping tip: go to value village, for heaven's sake. or goodwill, or any second-hand store you can. for rillz. also, if your birthday comes around the beginning of september (like meee*), you can usually score some goods.

*my birthday is august 18th. next wednesday. i'm turning...some age.

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  1. I am having the opposite-- a back to school purging. Pack to school?